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4 Lash Extension Styles to Go from Natural to Extreme Drama

Lash extensions are the new lipstick. Today everyone is turning to this cosmetic service as a way to add volume and depth to their lashes and to shorten their morning routines. The great thing about eyelash extension services over the plastic strips you apply at home with adhesive is that they don’t require a certain skill to put on and they don’t lift or fall off halfway through the day.

As lashes get noticed and more people opt for the service, they are quickly becoming a regular part of the daily beauty routine – not just for special occasions. According to an ABC News report, the market is booming. For product sales alone it’s expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2023 and there are so many ways for players to get into the space.

Natural-looking lashes look great with or without makeup. For those who want their personality to shine through and prefer a full-on glamorous look each day, there are also lash styles to meet their needs (keep reading for examples.)

That’s the really great thing about lash extensions – they can be personalized!

Here is a closer look at different lash extension styles and what they include.

1.      Classic Lashes

One of the most requested lash styles is the classic lash set. These are done using a method referred to as “1 to 1” which means 1 lash extension is glued to a natural lash. One at a time. This adds volume and length to the existing lashes to enhance the length and add density without changing them too drastically.  Classic lashes are the right choice for anyone who would like a very natural enhancement to their lashes and for those who already have lots of lashes naturally.

2.      Volume Lashes

For those who want to dial up the intensity a little more, volume lashes are the next step up from classic and are referred to as “3D.” The “D” stands for hair. With these lash extensions, multiple lashes are added to one single eyelash. In the case of 3D, three lashes are added to 1 natural lash. These sets can range from 3D all the way to 8D.  The result is more intense and more visible lashes.

3.      Hybrid Lashes

A very popular style is one that combines both classic and volume lash techniques to give a flirty, doll-like appearance to the lashes. When looking at the lashes they include a mix of different lengths and densities blended together for the unique look – typically between 1D-3D. This option is great for those who are wanting a fuller-looking set but who have thinner natural lashes as well as those who like classic lashes but want the style to be more intense.    

4.      Mega Volume Lashes

To really “turn up the volume” you can increase the density to 8D -15D! The fan style for mega volume lashes has up to 15 strands of hairs attached to it which is then added to the natural lash. If you’re worried about the weight of 15D lashes don’t be. The hair is actually really light at only 0.03mm they don’t feel any different than have other lash styles applied.  This style offers a really glamorous, obvious and thick lash that creates a sultry, flirty look.

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