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4 Reasons Men Should Consider Microblading

Grooming is a form of self-care that many people are dedicated to. This can include getting your hair cut on a regular schedule, having a pedicure done to soften the calluses on your feet or even seeing a dermatologist to smooth your skin. 

While women are usually known for focusing on these important steps, many men are also into grooming and wanting to put their best foot forward. Men can most certainly have regular appointments with a barber or esthetician. In fact, they can even get their brows cleaned up and perfected with a microblading treatment.

You read that right!

We talk a lot about the ways women can shorten their morning routines and have a more perfect make-up look, but microblading for men is a completely viable solution. 

Whether for aesthetics, to frames the face, or even for recovery from various treatments, working with the right artist will keep a masculine brow but take it to the next level.

The only real difference is in how the brow is mapped out since male brows are typically thicker throughout the entire brow.

Here are 4 reasons to rethink your stance on guy brows and why you should seriously consider microblading for men.

1.      Fuller Brows

The brows play a very important role in accentuating facial features and improving the overall aesthetics of one’s face. This isn’t just true for women. Many men have strong jawlines, bold eyes or other facial characteristics that benefit from having incredible eyebrows to match. Microblading can even reshape brows that are lackluster or solely fill in the sparse areas of an existing brow.

2.      Reduce Aging

Some men like to keep up with their physical appearance and especially their facial elements as a way to slow down the aging process. Taking better care of your skin and being conscious of changes that happen as your face naturally matures can help you to understand how microblading not only enhances the look you want to maintain but also can be used to help you look younger.

3.      Alternative to Corrective Surgery

Those who are looking for symmetry or who want more defined brows now also have an alternative to corrective surgeries. Brow lift surgery is a much more invasive and pricey route for appearance altering. Instead of going through a surgical procedure, you can get the same effects by simply shaping the brows in a way that lifts.

4.      Solution for Hair loss

Hair loss is another common reason for anyone looking into microblading treatment. As we age, and sometimes with other medical conditions and treatments (chemotherapy, alopecia) at play, we may lose the fullness of our brows or the hair altogether. This semi-permanent technique works to replace what’s been lost by drawing life-like hair strokes back where they belong on the face. And because it’s so natural it’s virtually undetectable by those who are unaware the treatment was even done.

 Micropigmentation Academy master artists and educators Phivi Tran and Anthonye Angellilo help clients to achieve the look they desire.

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