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An Introduction to Microblading

The beauty industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry today jam-packed with products and services that help people to feel more confident in their own skin, mask imperfections and enhance their natural beauty.

Treatments like microblading, lash extensions and even eyeliner and lip tattooing are increasing in demand as beautiful, natural and desired results are achieved.

There’s no denying it. The industry is here to stay.  Microblading is no longer some celebrity secret. It reaches a wide audience – from someone who just hasn’t been able to grow thicker eyebrows, to the person who has alopecia or just someone who over-plucked in their younger years. As demand soars, more and more semi-permanent makeup artists are becoming specialized in the service so they too can offer top-notch results.

Why is Microblading So Popular?

Perhaps this is also the answer to why microblading has become such an in-demand service across the globe. It doesn’t just increase convenience and boost confidence for clients when done well, it mimics natural hair strokes on the brows and can transform and correct facial features, unlike any other service before it.

History of Microblading                 

The semi-permanent makeup industry has been around for a while. Today though, it’s grown into a highly-demand and hot service because of the master artistry and skills of those offering the service. What started in Asia about 25 years or so ago was simply a style of eyebrow tattooing that looked more like a pencil-filled brow. A solid coloring that was implanted under the skin using pigment. Today, the service uses a careful and intricate technique to draw fine hair-like strokes on an expertly placed eyebrow template that is personalized to each person’s attributes.

Where to Get Microblading Treatment

If you’ve made the decision to have your eyebrows microbladed, it’s important to do your research and use a provider that you trust. There’s more that goes into creating the perfect eyebrow than simply getting them tattooed. Taking aesthetics and symmetry into play, understanding color theory and most importantly – sanitation and appropriate pressure must all be mastered by the person administering treatment.

At Micropigmentation Academy we understand all of the necessary essentials required to create amazing eyebrows. Semi-permanent makeup is our specialty and we not only provide treatment for clients, but we’re also master instructors leading several classes a month worldwide to provide expert information and education. Whether you’re looking treatment to get eyebrows that will transform your appearance or you’re interested in learning how to grow your own business by performing the microblading technique on clients, we’re your go-to resource!

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