Cosmetic Tattoo Apprentice Program

So you’ve decided to become a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist. Congratulations! In Connecticut, you are required to have 2,000 hours of apprenticeship in order to become licensed as a cosmetic tattoo artist serving clients in the state. The number hours can vary by state so it’s important to check with local regulations where you plan to practice.

After the workshop portion of our training courses, you’re invited to come back to do an apprenticeship program with us to earn those hours! We are accredited throughout U.S. and have an in-depth, intense program to get you ready for a successful career in cosmetic tattoo.
We want our students to succeed! Your success is our success!

If you’re looking for a career change or want to add new services, we are the perfect place to start! We welcome all students into our program. If you’re looking to improve your skill – even if you took classes somewhere else – we welcome you to join our program! 

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What you'll learn during apprenticeship

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be working under the supervision of professionals, but have the opportunity to work on clients on your own too. Not only is this a great benefit of being an apprentice but it’s also a great time to start building your clientele list! While you are earning your own income you’re also continuing to learn and gain more experience as well as perfect your skill. Once the apprenticeship is over and you have completed your 2000 hours to gain your license, you’ll have strong skills, a client base, and all the knowledge you’ve gained during your apprenticeship to help you move into your own career with ease.  

Perfect Your Skillset

Under the supervision of Phivi, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your technique and become an expert artist. Start building your own clientele with innovative and cutting-edge techniques.

Expert Assignment

 Learn how to properly consult with clients as well as create unique looks including hair strokes microblading, microshading, lip blushing or scalp micropigmentation, as well as eyeliner and our signature FusionBrows.

Gain Knowledge

You won’t just learn how to do things correctly – we also teach business development so that when you finish our program you can start up your own practice with an understanding of marketing and client relationships.

Keep 100% Commission

Make money while you get on-the-job training! As an Apprentice, you’ll keep all commissions earned upon reaching the requirements of the program.

Hundreds of Satisfied Students