Board Members

Meet our professional global master instructors who are world-renowned permanent makeup artists and educators. We hold prestigious positions in aesthetics, artistry, and training.

Phivi Tran


Phivi Tran is a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in the beauty industry. With over a decade of expertise and a global reputation, she is a world-recognized beauty professional and  permanent makeup artist. As a Board-certified, Grand Master Trainer with Micropigmentation Academy & Clinic, Phivi not only delivers best-in-class services but also imparts her wisdom to aspiring permanent makeup artists from around the world.

Born in Vietnam, Phivi’s passion for beauty and aesthetics emerged at a tender age.  After her arrival in the U.S. in 2010, Phivi embarked on her journey in the beauty industry, laying the groundwork for her remarkable career.

She started as a skilled nail technician, dedicating herself to perfecting her craft at various salons. With a relentless drive for success, Phivi set her sights on establishing her own salon, determined to offer a diverse range of services. Her ambition led her to explore the emerging technique of Microblading, and as she embarked on her first Microblading training course, destiny began to shift.

It was a transformative moment for Phivi as she delved into the art of Microblading. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to honing her skills, she tirelessly practiced day and night. Soon, her exceptional talent caught the attention of many, who praised her as a prodigy in this burgeoning field.

Yet, for Phivi, success was never solely about personal achievements; she aspired to uplift others and share her experiences. This passion led her to mentor countless artists, empowering them to excel in the Permanent Makeup (PMU) industry. Through her guidance and support, Phivi has helped thousands of clients embrace their beauty, renew their confidence, and regain a sense of self-assurance.

Today, Phivi continues to be  an inspiration to countless beauty enthusiasts and professionals. Her unwavering dedication, combined with a visionary approach, has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a trailblazer in the PMU industry. 

Anthonye Angelillo

Anthonye Angelillo, co-Founder + master

Anthonye Angelillo is an esteemed figure in the world of Micropigmentation, serving as the President, chief developer, and International Grand Master Educator at Micropigmentation Academy. With an illustrious career spanning 30 years, he has earned numerous accolades and is revered as a Board-certified GrandMaster Trainer at Micropigmentation Academy, where he also holds an esteemed position as an official board member.

Since 2020, Anthonye has been the USA governor for the Association of International PMU Artist Inc., showcasing his leadership and commitment to driving the industry forward on a global scale. His passion for education and dedication to sharing his expertise have led him to instruct thousands of students from around the world, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring artists.

Before entering the realm of Micropigmentation, Anthonye’s entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of a highly successful hair salon. This venture laid the foundation for his eventual foray into the world of permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation (SMP). As a licensed tattoo artist and an experienced aesthetician with 15 years of expertise in SMP & PMU, Anthonye’s mastery in the art of Scalp & Areola Micropigmentation, Scar camouflage, and plasma skin tightening is unparalleled.

Furthermore, Anthonye’s thirst for knowledge and innovation is evident in his remarkable academic background, boasting over 35 years of in-depth studies in Dermatology and Herbal Medicine. This comprehensive understanding of the skin’s intricacies and natural remedies has undoubtedly contributed to his exceptional skill in the field.

One of Anthonye’s most remarkable achievements is the pending patents for his revolutionary inventions, including the world’s only 2rl needles, True Follicle®. This groundbreaking tool, exclusively designed for Scalp Micropigmentation, showcases his commitment to enhancing techniques and achieving hyper-realistic results in the art of SMP. With a vision to promote diversity and style in the field, Anthonye continues to elevate the standards of Micropigmentation.

As a life-long artist, Anthonye’s creative brilliance transcends into his work, drawing from a vast array of mediums, such as Realism, Surrealism, and Abstract. This artistic breadth enriches his approach, always pushing the boundaries and exploring new horizons in his craft.

Anthonye Angelillo’s passion, dedication, and pursuit of excellence have made him an exceptional figure in the world of Micropigmentation. His innovative contributions and profound expertise have not only transformed the lives of countless clients but have also inspired and shaped the careers of aspiring artists worldwide. With a relentless commitment to advancing the art of SMP and PMU, Anthonye’s legacy continues to shine brightly as a beacon of inspiration in the industry.

Otar M. Taktakishvili- MD, FAAEM 


Otar M. Taktakishvili MD FAAEM is an Emergency Medicine physician with 15 years of active clinical practice. He is currently an Attending Physician at an extremely high functioning ER, with clinical outcome measures in the fifth percentile nationally.

Dr. T is a Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians, and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, with medical licenses in CT and NY.

Recipient of such scholarships as the Rhodes-Dunlap Research Scholarship, Dr. Payvandi Medical Scholarship and NIH grants and multiple publications in peer reviewed journals, Dr. T is an avid student, teacher and practitioner of medicine and traumatology.

Still in love with Emergency Medical care, Dr T has been on the forefront of fighting the evolving pandemic. Throughout this global medical disaster, Dr. T has continued to deliver state of the art care to patients in both super affluent and underserved populations of Connecticut  “Gold Coast” and NY, where he has thrived as a patient advocate and a caring physician in the community, being recognized as the Doctor of the Year in Emergency Medicine.

With a strong passion for teaching, Dr. T has educated students at all levels, starting in his Chief Resident year at Stony Brook University Hospital, where he was awarded the David Kreiss Outstanding Resident Award.  With clinical and teaching experience spanning multiple medical centers including University of Iowa College of Medicine, Jacobi Medical Center, NYU Langone Hospital LI, Norwalk Hospital and Tbilisi Medical Academy, Dr. T continues to practice and inspire students with his passion for medicine, common sense approach to medical problem solving.

Being an accomplished musician with multiple critically acclaimed album releases, as well as an avid connoisseur of art and film, Dr. T also has a keen sense of aesthetic.

Huong Wang


Huong Wang is an esteemed professional with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. With a background in education, she has always been passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives and continuously expanding her knowledge.

Huong’s educational journey began with a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Utah. She spent five years teaching these subjects to high school students, fostering a love for education and inspiring others to learn.

Beauty has always been a significant part of Huong’s life, as her family owned a beauty salon in Vietnam during her upbringing. In 2005, she, along with her sister, established Top Nails & Hair Beauty school in Taylorsville, Utah. As the Director of Education, Huong is deeply dedicated to helping individuals discover their strength, independence, and personal growth through entrepreneurship. She considers it a blessing to connect with numerous students on a personal level.

Huong holds instructor licenses in nails technology and master esthetics. However, it was in the field of permanent makeup that she discovered her true passion 15 years ago. She has achieved mastery in various techniques, earning certifications from the prestigious PhiAcademy. These include Phibrows, Boldbrows, Phiremoval, Philings, Phibright Microneedling, and PhiHenna.

Combining her love for teaching and creating more smiles, Huong is driven by a genuine enthusiasm to share her knowledge and expertise. As a permanent makeup instructor, she brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt commitment to empowering her students.

Tracey Phan


Tracey Phan, a prominent figure in the beauty industry since 2002, has made a mark in Houston, Texas. Starting as a manicurist, she ventured into various aspects of beauty enhancements, including manicures/pedicures, skincare, non-permanent hair removal, and later, microblading and fibroblasting. With a relentless dedication to staying updated on the latest trends and advancements, Tracey focuses on providing the best services to her clients.

In 2007, Tracey opened her own business, driven by a deep desire to serve the diverse population of nearly 6.5 million people in her city and surrounding areas. Recognizing the growing popularity of eyelash extensions, she began offering classic sets in 2007. However, she aimed to provide a unique and exceptional experience for her customers, propelling her to continuously improve her skills.

Devoting time, energy, and resources, Tracey extensively studied and experimented with various techniques, products, styles, materials, adhesives, and tools in the lash industry. In 2012, she mastered the multi-layer lashes technique and later, in 2016, became proficient in Russian volume, showcasing her commitment to showcasing the difference a well-trained artist can make with eyelash extensions.

Through her tireless pursuit of personal growth and development, Tracey has earned the esteemed title of “Master of My Luxury Lash.” She is humbled by this recognition and eagerly shares her knowledge and over 15 years of industry experience with fellow beauty enthusiasts. Tracey’s unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for all things beauty exemplify the qualities of a true educator and artist.

AMY pham


Amy Pham, the founder of Lash Cara Perma LLC, is a recognized AAM Board Certified Trainer and Artist based in New Jersey. 

She began her Microblading profession and PMU work studying at Phibrows Academy and also attending national and international courses in Europe and Asia. 

As an expert in the field, she offers training to aspiring students who aspire to become members of the prestigious American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM).

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and premium medical-grade products, each treatment is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, ensuring efficient and remarkable results. Amy is deeply committed to helping her clients look and feel their absolute best.