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Brow Lamination vs. Microblading

Brow trends are nothing new. For years we watched thin eyebrows take center stage as the hottest thing around (remember the 90s and early 2000s?) Much later, those of us who over-plucked our brows to achieve that look found ourselves struggling to achieve the incredibly thick, well-groomed eyebrow that was so popular in the last decade.

While we don’t think the trend will change much in the coming years, there are some other brow trends now emerging that we thought would be great to cover on the blog.

Some even say these new brow techniques are overtaking the popularity of microblading but we have some reservations as to whether or not that’s possible.

Let’s take a fair look at the two hottest eyebrow styles making waves today and dive into their similarities, differences!

What is Brow Lamination?

First, let’s start with the newest trend you may have been hearing about. It’s called “Brow Lamination” and involves using a solution on the brows hairs and pressing and straightening the natural brow so the hairs stick in an upward direction. This creates the look of a fuller and more pronounced brow. As you can see from the many images surfacing online, the results are high-sheen at first and then leave the brow darker with very prominent hairs that all face in the same direction. This is somewhat similar to the bushy or fluffy brow styles popular in Europe, where the technique emerged. You can also equate this to a keratin treatment for your eyebrows that keep them straight for about 2 months. The costs can range from the mid $100-$200 range. There is some dryness that could occur and you will have to have it done again when the treatment wears off.

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Why Microblading is so Great

Now, while there are some appealing benefits of the brow lamination procedure, like the fact you can pay less out of pocket if you’re only doing it for the 2 months it lasts, or that if you have unruly brow hairs this could help reduce some of the volume, there’s more to consider.

Our biggest qualm is, what happens with those clients who have over plucked years ago and now have no brow hairs left or who have never had a full brow to work with? When there is no hair there, having the option to create hair-like strokes onto the skin with pigment is what makes microblading a top contender in our book. The results are so natural and last much longer. Not to mention there are also opportunities to use the technique to correct other aesthetics with the face using the microblading procedure.  Besides, even if you really wanted to go for the trendy brow lamination look, you might still need to fill all the empty gaps in between where no hair exists. Microblading can take care of that!

Are you ready to transform your brows into something you don’t have to worry about re-touching for a long while and that gives you the results you want even if there’s no current hair present in the area?

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