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Cancer Survivors Can Regain Confidence with Microblading

Each day, more than 4 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer according to For those who have already endured the long battle and are moving into survivor status, there are many new adjustments to make. Like finding normalcy in their daily lives. Perhaps going back to work and even gaining back self-esteem once the battle with cancer has been won. Every woman will have different goals when it comes time to move on to the next phase in their life after cancer.

For those who want to regain the hair typically lost during radiation and chemo, it’s nice to know there are options that will work and that make restoring the face they’re used to looking at in the mirror possible again.

When it comes to the eyebrows specifically, microblading is a terrific solution.

Micropigmentation, the use of pigmented ink implanted into the second layer of the epidermis, has been used for years to create semi-permanent make-up for clients to correct, enhance and even change their facial features.

Microblading has taken the industry by storm today because it’s changing the lives of many and it’s not just a cosmetic treatment for someone who wants to re-shape their brows (though it’s a great option for that too!) It’s an effective, semi-permanent option that’s helping those who have undergone cancer treatment and want to regain their sense of confidence.

We have worked with a number of clients who come to us before and after their battles with cancer and want to have natural results that help them to maintain their self-esteem.

Here are some of the ways microblading can be effective for cancer patients.

Preparing for Chemo

Oftentimes, if there is enough timing between when a patient is beginning chemotherapy for their cancer, they may have the option of having eyebrow microblading done. This, women say, helps them to prepare prior to the hair loss that will occur. It’s also a solution for those who wish to keep their medical condition private. For many, knowing that they can keep the features they feel comfortable with as they endure the process can be an extremely comforting option to have.

Post-Cancer Microblading

For many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss is inevitable. Often times while hair can return once radiation therapy is completed, it doesn’t always grow back the same. This is where micropigmentation services after cancer can step in and create the desired results many once thought were impossible. After a patient has successfully completed chemo and their blood cell counts are back to normal (typically about 6 months after) they can be cleared by their oncologist to have microblading treatments done. Here they will work with a skilled professional to achieve the appearance of full, hair-like brows they once had.

Microblading After a Brow Transplant

For both women and men that are cancer-free and have already had a brow hair transplant done, microblading is also a viable option to help complete the look. With a brow transplant, donor hair follicles from another area of the body are surgically implanted into this area of skin so that actual hair will continue to grow at this location. Oftentimes, however, hair transplants do not continue to grow in the necessary pattern of fullness to mimic natural brows. Microblading services can be used next to fill in those sparse areas between the hairs so that they appear naturally full again.  

Professional Services & Training

At Micropigmentation Academy our professional treatment services are offered to patients to help them feel good again after their battle with cancer. We take our time to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to have the procedure done at our facility. In addition to microblading, we also offer areola repigmentation services for breast cancer survivors and have a vast portfolio of our work along with testimonials. All of the images we share are work done by Micropigmentation Academy Master, Phivi Tran.

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