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Caring for your mega volume lash extensions with Micropigmentation Academy

Enhance the beauty of your eyes with the mega-volume lash extensions. Micropigmentation Academy offers high-quality, multi-layered, and tapered eyelashes.

Who doesn’t want attractive eyes? Are you looking for the best service providers offering lash extensions?

Welcome to the Micropigmentation Academy offering different lash options like classic lashes, hybrid lashes, volume lashes, and mega volume lashes. We’re specialists in mega lashes offering volume in lashes that are light and thin with a full look. Usually, the mega volume fan has six to sixteen false lashes within diameters of 0.03 to 0.05 mm.

Mega volume lash extensions by Micropigmentation Academy

Our mega extensions add more lashes to your existing growth. Hence, your eyes look fuller and more attractive at all times. A large set of our customers are people with poor eyesight and allergy problems looking for beautiful eyelashes.

How does mega volume lashes work?

Before learning how to care about your mega-volume lashes, it is easy to understand their working. It is easy to book a consultation with our professional eyelash artist.

It helps match the client’s lifestyle and makeup needs to create highly personalized eyelashes. We use bonding glue to offer a high-quality synthetic mink lash strand. These are carefully bonded one by one to every individual strand which is then separated, curled, and made to fit.

These extensions can be quickly applied to upper or lower lashes according to your needs.

Mega volume lashes- What to do?

We offer dedicated care to our mega-volume lash extensions with the following steps:

  1. We schedule regular fills for eyelashes typically two to three times.
  2. Wash your lashes gently using a soft cleaning brush.
  3. It is recommended to brush your lashes using a disposable mascara wand.
  4. Fan back your eyelashes back into place using the low setting on your blow dryer.
  5. Go for oil-free lash shampoo and foam pump to wash your lashes daily.

How to take care of my mega-volume lash extensions?

We recommend the following quick steps to get the best out of your lash extensions:

  1. Don’t touch or groom your lashes.
  2. It is ok to lose two to four lashes daily during the normal growth cycle.
  3. Never pull out your new lashes as it may cause breakage and permanent damage to hair follicles.
  4. Avoid using a manual eyelash curler as it may break your lashes. 
  5. Avoid your eyelashes from extreme heat as it can loosen the curl of lashes.
  6. Never use cosmetics, cleaners, moisturizers, or makeup removers on your mega-volume lashes. However, it is recommended to use water-based cosmetics.
  7. Avoid using mascara or waterproof products.

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