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Exploring Different Brow Styles Around the World

We talk a lot about eyebrows here. We’re admittedly a little obsessed with the perfect brow. It’s the best way to accentuate natural beauty, to create balance and even to correct any other aesthetics. We truly take joy in looking at the beautiful before and after results from our clients as we create realistic, amazing eyebrows that fit their individual faces and unique styles.

While a natural, thicker brow has been the most favored brow of the last decade, there are places across the globe that prefer different brow styles.

For this post, we’re traveling the world and looking at some of the different brow styles favored in these regions. It’s great to get a worldly view of things- plus you never know when they might become the hottest thing here in the States!

American Brows

First, to review what the “norm” is for brows here in the U.S., we’re looking at more natural brows that are very much arched but that still follow the brow bone and have a full flattering shape to them. Also visible hair strokes are the most admired style of brow. Thankfully, microblading exists and can help even those with little to no brows achieve this look.

Popular Brow Styles in Asia

In this region, brows tend to be straighter and missing the high arch. The boxy look, while not common here in the States, actually helps the face to look a little younger, and more innocent when compared to the bold, defined brows typically worn in the U.S.

Brows Around Europe

In Western Europe – areas such as Italy, Spain, and France – big, feathered brows that are less groomed and still very visible are often seen. These “fluffy” styles have more texture and dimension to them and add an element of drama to the look.

Eastern Eyebrows

Over in the East, in regions such as the Middle East and even in Eastern Europe, dark brows that are big, rigid, and bold can be seen. This style of brow can help to really accentuate the upper part of the face and the eyes, which play a very important role in their overall look.

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