9-day TRAINING Course

Join our immersive 9-day training program designed to equip you with a wide range of techniques and industry-relevant skills. We proudly offer certification in the renowned Micropigmentation Academy method of microblading, considered the gold standard in the field. Throughout the program, you’ll master the art of creating captivating 3D hair illusions and perfecting eyebrows, emphasizing the use of top-quality products for exceptional results.

Under the guidance of experienced Master educators, you’ll also acquire the necessary skills to excel in Microshading, a versatile and highly sought-after brow technique.

Our unique addition to this program is Phivi’s signature FusionBrows style, widely requested at our clinic. You’ll delve deep into the intricacies of FusionBrows, as well as learn Phivi’s signature Advanced S Strokes, a natural and versatile approach that caters to every client, delivering stunning and customized results.

You’ll not only learn how to apply S Strokes to five different spines but also explore three FusionBrows techniques, from Natural Fusion to Defined Fusion. As a bonus, you’ll gain expertise in creating male brows with S strokes and covering old tattoos with FusionBrows, enhancing your artistic freedom.

Phivi will reveal the art of establishing personal connections with your clients, a crucial skill for referrals and lasting relationships. Her insights into client relations and microblading techniques are invaluable, and she’s ready to pass them on to you in this comprehensive training. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert and elevate your career.

Our 9-day training program is a transformational journey, offering the most comprehensive, hands-on skills in the industry. It includes a 2-week apprenticeship with an additional 100 hours of training. After completing this intensive training and practical experience, you’ll have a significant advantage over the competition, fully prepared to perform treatments on clients with confidence. We’re committed to ensuring your readiness and success in the industry.

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Professional Tools & Products

A training kit is provided for your private course. It includes all materials necessary for the class and enough supplies to cover 80+ treatments, so you can start working after completing our Fusion Brows private course.

What Will You Learn In Our Microblading Classes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Fusion Brows private training with Micropigmentation Academy will cost $10,000.

Fusion Brows is an in-demand treatment that can provide an excellent living for those who complete our private training course. Rates for Fusion Brows sessions average $400 – $900 for a procedure that lasts up to 2 hours. So even if you see one client a day, you could expect to earn up to $5,000 per week.

Licensing requirements vary by state and town regulations. It’s best to check with the location where you live / work.  In order to receive a Micropigmentation license in Connecticut, you will be required to first complete 2000 hours. We offer apprenticeship options through Micropigmentation Academy to earn those hours. Please call for more information. 

Available Microblading Course Dates

Live Training

Wethersfield, CT  – August 25 – 27

Live Training

Las Vegas, NV  – August 25 – 27

Live Training

Connecticut – August 26 – 28

Live Training

Wethersfield, CT – September 8-10

Live Training

Wethersfield, CT – September 8 – 10

Live Training

Orange County, CA September 15 – 17

Live Training

Detroit, MI – September 29 –  Oct 1

Live Training

New York, NY October 7 – 9

Live Training

San Francisco ,  CA- October 20 – 23

Live Training

Wethersfield, CT October 27 – 29

Live Training

New York ,  NY – November 10 – 12

Live Training

Wethersfield, CT December 1 – 3

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