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    FusionBrows is our premiere brow service. This highly-requested treatment offers the best of both worlds when it comes to your brows. Everyone loves this style of brow because they get both the precise brushstrokes that mimic blades of hair and the pretty shading that fills in the gaps in-between to create definition while still having a striking, natural appearance. We use our Signature S stroke – which is an advanced Stroke technique  for this FusionBrows treatment. FusionBrows is such a great-looking service for so many face shapes and skin types – it’s no wonder everyone wants it! Balance the brows and get your desired outcome with FusionBrows!

    We offer 3 FusionBrows treatments:

    • Natural FusionBrows – provides more strokes than shading, and the shading is light, which creates a natural and full effect. This look is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of hair or have unbalanced brows, or one that is thinner than the other this technique is the right option.
    • Define FusionBrows – provides more shading than strokes for a sharper, polished appearance. This look is a more defined make-up look style and a style of full-face make-up.
    • Intermediate FusionBrows – this technique combines the natural & defined shading style as well as the addition of strokes to half of the eyebrows and then the tail is shaded to give a natural but filled look.
    • Old Tattoo/PMU Cover-up – We use micro shading techniques to create a softer look for covering-up tattoos, concealing old permanent makeup procedures, and color correction.

    Transform your brows and look your best, while saving time in the morning. Our FusionBrows work on all skin types and eyebrow styles and can help if you are recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, or scarring.

    If you love a natural-looking brow – but do not have a lot of real hairs on your brows (such as no hair at the tail of your brow or large missing patches of hair in some areas) then we suggest the FusionBrows technique.  By combining the microblading and microshading techniques to achieve this brow, we start first by doing microblading and adding hair strokes to the areas of the brows where needed then going back in with the microshading technique to add shading in between the hairs to fill in the empty areas.

    This will require 2 services appointments to complete the full treatment with a touch-up requires in the 6-8week time frame.

    *Touch-up 6-8 weeks $200

    *Please see the deposit terms below.

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