Unlock Your Artistic Potential with Our Accreditation Program

Are you an aspiring artist looking to elevate your skills to new heights? Our PMU Accreditation Program is the perfect platform for unleashing your creativity and honing your craft. With a strong emphasis on quality and precision, we’re dedicated to providing artists with the best education possible.

Embark on a transformative journey as we guide you through a comprehensive curriculum comprising 200 hours of training and practice. Our professional environment ensures you’ll flourish as both an artist and trainer, setting you up for success in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

Discover the path to your dreams and learn about our accreditation program, apprenticeship requirements, and why our offerings are a top choice among serious artists. Embrace your artistic destiny – join Micropigmentation Academy today and start winning! 

Choose the Membership Level that Suits You

Find the membership level that’s right for you! All of our Global Accreditation offerings are designed to acknowledge advanced skills, high levels of ethics and quality education. 

Member Accreditation is the first step in becoming Board Certified and is awarded to those students who have successfully completed our training courses.

Artist Accreditation is awarded to students completing training, hands-on model work & upon completion of board-administered written and practical exams.

Expert Accreditation will be awarded to those artists that have proven excellence in their work and have shown mastery of all aspects of the artistry.

Master Trainer Accreditation will be awarded after 5 years and will train artists to work with the Academy to share their experiences with the next generation.

Meet Our Team of Masters

Behind our success lies a team of master instructors and expert artists, each equipped with unparalleled talent and knowledge. They bring a wealth of experience and passion to our organization, ensuring that every artist we support receives the best possible guidance. 

Our international board members are a driving force behind our mission. Renowned in their respective fields, they contribute invaluable insights and expertise to shape the future of our industry.

Explore Our Training Courses

All of the training courses offered by Micropigmentation Academy include comprehensive training, instruction, and hands-on experience. All classes are taught by industry masters with years of experience and qualifications and are designed to provide students and others who aspire to teach cosmetic tattooing with all the guidelines and requirements needed to advance their careers.

Ready to Get Accredited?

Are you ready to start taking your cosmetic tattoo skills to the next level? Our quality-assured training courses and industry master instructors are here to offer you support, encouragement and knowledge. Schedule a consult or speak with a member of our team to get started on the path to permanent makeup accreditation today!

Accreditation Member Search

Explore our Micropigmentation Accreditation Member Directory to connect with accredited artists who have excelled in their craft and have been recognized for their excellence.