Luxury Lash

Looking for the perfect lash extensions in Rocky Hill? Our lash extensions services are perfect for adding more lashes to your existing ones. Whether you prefer a fuller, bold look or want something more natural, we can help you get the beautiful lashes you desire. Lash extensions are a terrific option for those who have make-up allergies, problems with their eyesight or who do not have steady hands to apply false lashes correctly. Get the best lashes from the experts that are just a short drive away from Rocky Hill, CT.

Classic Lash Extension

Individual, added one-by-one for natural-looking and longer lashes.

Hybrid Lash Extension

These are full lashes that have texture and combine a mix of the classic & volume application techniques. 

Volume Lash Extension

Multiple lash extensions are attached to one lash to add both dimension and texture for a fuller look.

Mega Volume Lash

For MAX volume and length!! These lashes are multi-layered and have tapered tips so they blend naturally.

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