Explore our network of instructors each with their own unique specializations and experiences.

At Micropigmentation Academy, we take great pride in meticulously testing, certifying, and curating a selection of exceptional instructors. Each of our certified instructors has undergone a rigorous evaluation process, showcasing their exemplary skills, extensive experience, and profound knowledge in the field. Our commitment to providing top-tier education sets us apart and all of our instructors remain active permanent makeup artists, engaging with clients on a daily basis. This hands-on involvement ensures that we stay up-to-date with the evolving demands of the industry and maintain a cutting-edge skill set.

All of our instructors possess hours of fundamental training covering essential topics such as bloodborne pathogens, anatomy, skin theory, and more and have proven works. This comprehensive foundation ensures that they are equipped to provide top-notch education and guidance to trainees.

Our Certification Requirements for PMU Trainers 

To be a Master Trainer at Micropigmentation Academy, our team demands  a minimum of 4 years proven experience with a minimum of 1000 successfully completed procedures. This criterion guarantees that our instructors possess the practical expertise and mastery needed to lead and inspire future micropigmentation professionals.

In addition to our certified instructors, we are immensely proud of our Grandmasters. These esteemed individuals boast a minimum 8 years proven experience with a minimum of 3000 successfully completed procedures. Their exceptional level of skill and expertise makes them truly exceptional mentors and role models within the micropigmentation field.

At Micropigmentation Academy, we are dedicated to empowering aspiring micropigmentation professionals by providing the highest standards of education and mentorship. We understand that the quality of education and mentorship you receive directly impacts your success in the micropigmentation industry. That’s why we handpick instructors who not only possess impressive qualifications but also have a genuine passion for guiding and nurturing talent.

Join us on this exciting path of learning and growth as you embark on your successful career in micropigmentation.

Grandmaster instructor

Phivi Tran, co-Founder + Master

Name – Phivi Tran

Company – Micropigmentation Academy 

Location – Wethersfield, CT

Phone – 959-777-5815

Language – English, Vietnamese

Courses – Microblading, Lip Blush, Eyelineer Tattoo, FusionBrows

Professional Achievements:  
Former Master Instructor Phibrows International Academy in 2017
Studies Microblading – Microshading 10+ years 
Studies lip blush Tattooing 8+ years 
Studies eyeliner 8+ years
Studies Machine Nano HairStrokes 5+ years
Studies Scar Camouflage 3+ years 
Studies Micro-needling for scar 4+ years 
Studies CheekBlush 1+ year 
Licensed Tattoo Artist 10+ years
Licensed Esthetician 13 +years
MA Board Certified Grand Master Instructor at Micropigmentation Academy & Clinic for FusionBrows Advanced Skill, Microblading, Microshading, LipBlush, and Master course of Microblading & Microshading 
Instructed over 700+ Students Worldwide
Completed over 6000+ Tattooing procedures

Judge at the International PMU Universe event in VietNam

Grandmaster instructor

Anthonye Angelillo, co-Founder + master

Name: Anthonye Angellilo 

Company – Micropigmentation Academy 

Location – Wethersfield, CT

Phone –  959-777-5815

Language: English

Courses: Scalp Micropigmentation, Areola Repigmentation, Scar Camouflage. Microblading, Microshading

Professional Achievements: 

Associate degree in Electromechanical Engineering  
Studies in Skin & Dermatology 20+ years 
Studies in Herbal Medicine 30+ years 
Licensed, Tattoo, Artist 10+ years 
Licensed Esthetician 7+ years 
Multiple Patents for SMP and PMU tools invented 
MA Board Certified Grand Master Instructor 
USA governor for the Association of International PMU Artist Inc. since 2020 
Instructed over 3000+ Students Worldwide 
Completed over 5000+ procedures


Master SMP Instructor, Educator & Speaker at Festival PMU universe Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam March 17, 2023 – March 19, 2023

Master SMP Instructor, Educator & Speaker at Elite Artist Circuit III Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam On January 10,11, 2020

Master SMP Instructor, Educator & Speaker SMP at Elite Artist Circuit IlI Quezon City, Philippines On January 3,4, 2020

 Master Instructor

AMy Pham, Master

Name – Amy Pham

Company – Micropigmentation Academy 

Location – Middletown, NJ

Phone –1-848-468-7089

Language: English, Vietnamese

Courses: Microblading, Microshading