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Microblading Aftercare Tips

Microblading has taken the semi-permanent makeup industry by storm. Everywhere you look, people are getting incredible, natural-looking brows they no longer have to touch-up throughout the day or worry about smudging and reapplying.

The treatment’s popularity can be attributed to helping people to feel more confident, saving them extra time in their morning routines and also with being a convenient option overall.

Just as going to a quality salon and professional artist for treatment is important (see our past blog on this topic), the aftercare steps you take to ensure your brows heal properly has a direct effect on the end results of your new brows.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the important aftercare steps you’ll need to take to insure your newly microbladed brows heal to perfection.

Here are some of those key steps.

* Following your treatment, you should gently cleanse the area with Bactine to clean off any excess lymph liquid excreting from the brows. This should be repeated every 4 hours followed by applying a thin layer of ointment. Continue this for 3 days.

Even our clients who are doctors love our aftercare suggestions and the use of Bactine to disinfect the skin as it helps to stop the spread of germs or other issues that could hijack your brow healing experience.

* With time (typically about 5 days later) a scab will begin to form and fall from your brows. You should allow this to come off naturally and avoid picking the skin away as it can affect the integrity and color retention of your brows.

Protecting your eyebrows is essential to having brows that last.

* Sweating and wetting the area in the first 7-10 days is not recommended. You want to give your skin time to heal and accept the new pigment that’s been added.

* Sunscreen will be your best friend. Not only will it protect your skin from dangerous UV rays but it will also keep your brows from fading so they maintain their original outcome.

* You should avoid scrubbing your eyebrow area too heavily including using harsh abrasives of exfoliants that can irritate or cause layers of the skin to be damaged where the pigment has been placed.

Another point to remember as your newly done brows heal is that there is a process involved in the healing. You’ll go through a phase of flaking that we mentioned and the work will also appear to be totally faded away and patchy before the final polished look is achieved.

After the final steps (including the touch-up) your intended brows will be revealed.

Keep this realistic timeline in mind and remember to enjoy the process each step of the way. Soon, your brows are going to look incredible every single day with no effort!

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