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Microblading Before & After

You’ve likely already heard and seen a lot of the great things about the semi-permanent makeup revolution known as Microblading.

Benefits like:

– Take your brows from 0 to 100
– Get natural-looking hair in an area you’ve never been able to
– Stop fussing over brow pencils and smudging

The benefits are truly endless and we like to think that as masters of the craft at Micropigmentation Academy that our clients are totally satisfied with the results they achieve after their microblading treatment they become like walking billboards for our work. We share a lot of those processes and results with the public here on our blog and via our social channels.

In addition to offering expert education and tips, one thing that really drives home the point of having a microblading procedure done is the pictures. Especially before and after of microblading images.

There’s no better way to describe the perfectly shaped and beautifully balanced results that microblading creates for the brows.

The best way for us to show you some examples of before and after’s of real clients is to lay them out here on this blog along with a short description of what procedure was performed and why.

If you have questions about microblading or would like a professional opinion on the best procedure for your brows please send us a message! We always love to talk about brows!

Before & After #1:  Client with No Hair

For those clients with Alopecia or who have undergone Chemo or have another medical condition that has left them with no hair at all on that area of their face, microblading is still an option. In fact, as you can see in this before and after, it restores the look of real eyebrows on the face and helps to regain the confidence so many have been looking for. The key to mastering this look is precision with mapping and using proper technique to deliver the pigment into the skin and create the perfect strokes.

Before & After # 2: Natural Microblading for Light Hair

For clients who are concerned about a “sharpie” brow look because their natural brows are so light, this Before & After is proof that you too can achieve the full look without being too dark or overdone. We match the correct pigments for a client’s skin tone and hair color so the tattoo is nearly undetectable. Stunning results that look natural yet make the eyes stand out so much more!

Before & After #3: Fusion Brows

One of our most requested types of brows is the Fusion style. It’s a unique combination of microblading and shading that give a really defined brow ready to compliment any look. As you can see from this Before & After, the client had no real shape to the sparse hairs growing in the brow area. With microblading we were able to create a brow structure that worked and looked totally seamless. Then with some additional shading and depth added you have a perfectly done brow – the fusion brow!

Interested in seeing more of our work? Check out our gallery and follow us on social media we’re always sharing the incredible results from our clients!

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