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Do you dream of waking up with the perfect eyebrows you love every day? Micropigmentation Academy in Hartford MA has helped 1,000’s of women get perfect eyebrows they have always wanted. Using the latest techniques and equipment in the industry, our clients achieve natural youthful eyebrows without applying daily make-up.

We specialize in the art of the eye, offering treatments such as Microblading, Fusion brows, Machine hair strokes, Eyelash extensions, Scar camouflage, Areola re-pigmentation, and many more. We have a key-signature offering fuller, thicker, symmetrical looking brows that are customized to fit your face.

Our treatments will help you save countless hours applying make-up, boost your confidence, and help you wake-up feeling beautiful every day. Say goodbye to drawing, patchiness, thin and uneven eyebrows. Call us today and discover the magic of natural-looking semi-permanent make-up in just a short drive away from Hartford MA!

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