5-Day natural fusion hair strokes & Microshading TRAINING

Learn today’s hottest brow techniques! Natural Fusion Hair Strokes & Microshading are the perfect choice for clients who want to balance their brows and get a defined look!

Master the art  creating natural looking hair strokes for clients and Ombre/Powder Shading skills. Whether used alone, or combining these two techniques, you can give clients life-like hair strokes and a soft powdered appearance for depth.

Our Master educators will teach you professional  techniques and provide hands-on learning.

Learn Our Signature Look!

Learn how to design brows that will work for all skin types, colors, and complexions. These techniques are great options for customers who are recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, or scarring.

The 5-day training will provide you with the skills needed to become a highly paid Semi Permanent Makeup professional.

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Professional Tools & Products

The training kit you will receive includes all the very best products and supplies you’ll need during your fusion brows training course. It also includes enough equipment to cover at least 50+ treatments, so you can start working as soon as you leave our Fusion Hairstrokes & Microshading course.

What will you learn in our course?

Qualifications to Become a Certified Micropigmentation Academy Artist

At Micropigmentation Academy we are committed to producing highly skilled and board-certified artists in the field of micropigmentation. Our comprehensive training program sets the standard for excellence, and we take pride in nurturing talent and shaping successful careers in cosmetic tattooing. To become a board-certified artist at our academy, you will need to fulfill the following requirements: 

Our board-certified artists not only receive a prestigious certification from the Micropigmentation Academy, but they also benefit from our continued support and resources throughout their career. We take pride in fostering a community of talented and successful artists who continuously push the boundaries of their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our training course includes 5 days of face-to-face class time where you’ll work directly with our certified trainers.

One of the most important aspects of our classes is the opportunity to practice on live models. These sessions take place under strict trainer supervision and have a low student-to-trainer ratio to ensure personalized instruction.

You will receive ongoing support and access to online resources before, during, and after your training. Once the course has finished, your trainer will continue to provide support as you take your first steps in the beauty industry.

We provide you with a training kit that includes all the very best products and supplies you’ll need during your training course. It also contains enough equipment to cover at least 30+ treatments, so you can start working as soon as you leave our Micropigmentation Academy.

Your kit will contain:

  • Eyebrow compass, disposable tools, and pigments
  • Enough products to deliver 30+ treatments
  • Marketing materials
  • Health and safety supplies
  • Consent agreement, pre-care and aftercare support materials
  • Business development tips
  • Photography book on how to take optimal promotional pictures

This in-demand treatment that can provide an excellent living for those who complete our training course. Rates for Microblading and Microshading Brows sessions average around $400 – $900 for a procedure that lasts up to 2 hours. That means even if you only see one client a day, you could expect to earn up to $5,000 per week.

Licensing requirements vary by state and town regulations. It’s best to check with the location where you live / work.  In order to receive a Micropigmentation license in Connecticut, you will be required to first complete 2000 hours. We offer apprenticeship options through Micropigmentation Academy to earn those hours. Please call for more information. 

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