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Permanent Makeup Correction: What to Do About a Bad Eyebrow Tattoo

Tattoos are a form of art for the many people who choose this medium for self-expression. The practice of inserting pigment into the skin has been around for ages – and not just as pictures represented on parts of the body, but many have also turned to tattoos to mimic features they wish they had. It’s not uncommon to hear that someone has a beauty mark tattooed in a particular place on their face for example, or that they’ve had eyeliner or even their eyebrows tattooed on.e difference between those treatments done in the past however and what the semi-permanent make-up industry today has to offer today are very obvious.

You may recall seeing images of what some have referenced as “sharpie brows” or seen an aging woman who has fading discolored ink in their waterline. It’s time to get away from that and look to professional and alternative permanent makeup methods!

eyebrow tattoo fix

We cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research and to work with a microblading artist who is well skilled in this particular field if you want the incredible, natural and awe-enhancing outcomes that are gaining so much popularity today.

Fixing a Bad Eyebrow Tattoo

Whether you yourself have had this done years ago, you’re trying to help your mom or aunt fix what they now dislike, or you’re not happy with your recent eyebrow tattooing experience, here are some things you should consider to get them fixed!

Reasons to Get an Eyebrow Correction

  • Incorrect Eyebrow Shape
  • Poor Color Retention
  • Wrong Color Choice
  • Misshaped / unsymmetrical brows
  • Wrong placement of brow tattoo

A professional microblading artist is going to be able to realize the issues present and offer advice on the best route for remedying the issue so the outcome is one you will be pleased with.

First, you’ll need to consult with the professional. They will examine the current state of the tattoo and recommend whether the laser removal of the tattoo is necessary. This is a safe treatment option when done by a trained dermatologist that will target the pigment to lighten and remove it from the skin.

If there are just small corrections that can be made to fix the issue, it’s possible that a removal solution can be used for those areas. Such as issues with improperly / uneven drawn brows that may be resolved by removing the small lines of the droopy ends. This can typically be done by the same studio and will require an 8 week healing time before returning to have the correction done.

Remember this is a multi-step process and getting your brow tattoo corrected requires patience and dedication.

At Micropigmentation Academy we have years of experiencing assisting clients with a botched permanent makeup job to correct their eyebrow tattoos. If you’re looking for a consultation and just want to finally get those poorly tattooed brows fixed once and for all, give us a call!

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