Phivi Tran

Phivi Tran

Phivi Tran is a world-recognized and celebrated beauty professional and artist. She is a Board-certified, Grand Master Trainer with Micropigmentation Academy & Clinic where she provides best-in-class services and leads training courses for aspiring permanent makeup artists from across the globe. 

She is young, fierce and has always pushed to move to the next level of success. 

Born in Vietnam, Phivi immigrated to the U.S. in 2010. Her career in beauty started long before she came to the States. As a child, she dreamed of being a fashion designer with models showing off her designs on the biggest runways. 

That same desire to be in a high-performance industry that was focused on beauty and aesthetics is where she began her career at a very young age as a nail technician. Phivi made her rounds working at various salons and set a goal to save up her money and eventually open her own salon – which she did! Her vision was to add additional services to her offerings and so she began training in the emerging technique of Microblading. 

“I always had a vision – not just to be in the beauty industry – but I wanted to work less and make more. I wanted to have more time for myself and for my family.”

Immediately upon starting her first Microblading training course, she knew things were going to change in her life. Phivi practiced the skills she had learned day and night and was told by so many that she had the talent to excel in this up-and-coming technique. 

“I felt proud, accomplished, and overjoyed that I had found that thing I was looking for – but I wanted to do more. I wanted to share my experiences and help others too.” 

Phivi has helped many clients feel beautiful and regain their confidence and has mentored thousands of artists – helping to shape their drive and goals to also achieve financial success in the PMU industry. 

In addition to work and family, Phivi loves shopping and keeping up with the latest trends. When she’s not practicing and perfecting her skills, you can find her by the pool enjoying all the joys that life brings.