Microblading + Microshading Middletown, NJ Dec. 1-5




What will you learn in our 5-Day Microblading and Shading classes?

  • Introduction to Microblading
  • Workplace hygiene and sanitation
  • Client consultation
  • Drawing eyebrow shapes using a compass
  • Proper methods for mixing pigment/color theory
  • Drawing stroke patterns on latex fake skin
  • Skin problems
  • Pre/post procedures
  • Consent agreements
  • Health issues/drug interactions
  • Recovery process
  • Skin-pigment retention
  • Proper methods of Microblading
  • Proper depth of cuts when Microblading
  • How to immediately erase mistakes without leaving any marks
  • Practicing stroke patterns on mannequin
  • How to properly stretch skin
  • Correct posture and client positioning
  • Drawing shapes on mannequin
  • Technique of quickly drawing eyebrows that are designed to fit and lift the face naturally without needing surgery
  • Measuring brow shapes with Phi app/Golden Means
  • Taking and editing pictures using our perfect method
  • Drawing eyebrow shapes on live models
  • Microblading on live models
  • Certificate of completion


Professional tools and products

The training kit you’ll receive includes all the very best products and supplies you’ll need during your microblading training course. It also includes enough equipment to cover at least 30+ treatments, so you can start working as soon as you leave our microblading school. Your microblading kit will contain:

  • Eyebrow compass, disposable tools, and pigments
  • Shading machine with needles
  • Enough products to deliver 30+ treatments
  • Marketing materials
  • Health and safety supplies
  • Pre-care, consent agreement, and aftercare support materials
  • Business development tips
  • Photography book on how to take optimal promotional pictures


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