Microblading Training Wethersfield, CT (Aug. 14-16)


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What will you learn in our microblading classes?

  • Introduction to Microblading
  • Workplace hygiene and sanitation
  • Client consultation
  • Drawing eyebrow shapes using a compass
  • Proper methods for mixing pigment/color theory
  • Drawing stroke patterns on latex fake skin
  • Skin problems
  • Pre/post procedures
  • Consent agreements
  • Health issues/drug interactions
  • Recovery process
  • Skin-pigment retention
  • Proper methods of Microblading
  • Proper depth of cuts when Microblading
  • How to immediately erase mistakes without leaving any marks
  • Practicing stroke patterns on mannequin
  • How to properly stretch skin
  • Correct posture and client positioning
  • Drawing shapes on mannequin
  • Technique of quickly drawing eyebrows that are designed to fit and lift the face naturally without needing surgery
  • Measuring brow shapes with Phi app/Golden Means
  • Taking and editing pictures using our perfect method
  • Drawing eyebrow shapes on live models
  • Microblading on live models
  • Certificate of completion


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