Microshading + Lip Blush Combo Course (Nov. 18-23) Wethersfield, CT


Open new avenues in the beauty industry by combining the expertise of Lip Contour and Microshading.


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This course certifies you in the Micropigmentation Academy method of Lip Contour and Microshading. Mastering these two techniques is the key to client retention, revenue increase, and recurring income. Unlock the secrets to keeping your clients coming back and boosting your earnings by offering both Lip Contour and Microshading services. This unique course offers a dual focus, providing you with the skills to excel in both Lip Contour and the trendsetting Microshading brow technique. We will teach you the latest techniques and you’ll also learn marketing skills and business building skills that will take your business to the next level.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introductory on Microshading
  • Workplace hygiene and sanitation standards
  • Client consultation techniques
  • Skin problems and precautions
  • Skill-building: Drawing perfect eyebrow shapes
  • Machine usage and needle configurations
  • Shading practice on a mannequin
  • Techniques for skin stretching and posture
  • Skin-pigment retention and best practices
  • Marketing tips
  • Introductory session on Lip techniques
  • Workplace hygiene and sanitation
  • Lip problems and precautions
  • Skill-building: Drawing perfect lip shapes
  • Lip shading practice on latex and silicone models
  • Best practices for Lip Blush and Lipstick Techniques
  • Science of dark lips and melanin
  • Distinguishing types of dark lips
  • Color theory and lip theory
  • Dark Lip shading technique
  • Correct techniques for Lip Blush, Lipstick, and Lip Color Correction


Professional Tools & Kit: The training kit provided ensures you’re equipped with top-tier tools and products essential for your journey. This kit is designed to support over 30+ treatments, allowing you to commence your career right after the course. Your kit includes:

  • Phivi’s Favorite Machine
  • 1 Box 1RL .30mm
  • 1 Box 1RL .25mm
  • 2 Sets of Pigments (1 for lip blush &1 for neutralization)
  • White pen for drawing lips
  • Lip Practice Skin
  • Pigment Cups
  • Lip Contour Training Manual
  • Marketing Materials
  • Health and Safety Supplies
  • Pre-care, Consent Agreement, and After-care Support Materials
  • Business Development Tips
  • Photography Book for Taking Optimal Pictures
  • 2 Ink Cups
  • 1 Nano Blade
  • 1 Tweezers & Scissors
  • 1 Brow Compass
  • 1 Tattoo Keeper
  • 1 Brow Pencil (Black & Brown)
  • 1-4 Level Skin 4 Pre-printed Skins
  • 1 Blank Skin Brow Daddy Collection Pigments


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