OMG Chrome Wireless Tattoo Pen


Introducing the OMG Chrome PMU machine – a versatile and powerful tool that’s perfect for any PMU technique. Whether you’re creating flawless eyebrows, precise eyeliner, or stunning lip tattoos, this machine has got you covered. With its wireless capability and ultra-smooth performance, the OMG Chrome is a top choice of Phivi. It provides all the power needed to get your treatments done with ease and precision. Plus, it fits all universal needles in the market for added convenience. Upgrade your PMU game with OMG Chrome today!


Upgrade your PMU game with the versatile and powerful OMG Chrome machine. Perfect for any technique, this wireless device offers ultra-smooth performance and fits all universal needles in the market. Get flawless results every time with Phivi’s top choice PMU machine.

*Available in PINK only


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