Scalp Micropigmentation MASTER CLASS Wethersfield, CT (DEC. 14-15)




This class is for advanced artists who already know SMP or have previously taken a course and are looking for advanced training. Learn in-depth about SMP with our 2-day Master Class!

What you will learn in the 2-day Scalp Micropigmentation Master Class:
  • Hyper Realism
  • All About True Follicle Needles
  • Color Theory
  • Pigment Theory
  • Choosing the best pigment for scalp
  • Best modification pigment suggestions
  • How to work with all skin types, especially – oily skin- (we’ll teach you the secret to great retention for this skin type)
  • Machine dynamics – hand speed – voltage – Pigment load.
  • Microneedling ( how to increase hair density Before SMP)
  • Live model demonstration


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