True Follicle® SMP Guard (10 PCS)


Introducing SMP Guard, the ultimate tool specially designed by Anthonye Angelillo for the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or professional artist, this product is here to make your job easier. 


Limit needle depth into the skin.


  • Less hand fatigue, and tiredness.
  • Prevents blowouts.
  • Cut procedure time in half.
  • Create uniformity throughout procedure.
  • Consistent results from client to client.
  • Adjustable needle depth, creating more dimension.
  • Fits most standard sized cartridges.

*Available for preorder

(Shipping expected in early JUNE 2024)

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Introducing True Follicle® SMP Guard by Anthonye Angelillo: Redefining Scalp Micropigmentation

Prepare to revolutionize your Scalp Micropigmentation journey with True Follicle® SMP Guard, the ultimate game-changer crafted by Anthonye Angelillo. Bid farewell to uncertainties, blowouts, and uneven strokes as you embark on a transformative SMP experience that elevates your artistry to new heights.

True Follicle® SMP Guard isn’t just a tool; it’s a movement, inviting you to be a pioneer in the SMP revolution. Elevate your skills, impress your clients, and witness your business reach unparalleled success.

Key Features: Precision and Perfection. Put an end to inconsistencies and welcome unparalleled perfection with every stroke.

Professional Use Only
Each box contains 10 SMP Guards to keep you well-equipped.
For international orders, please contact us via email for assistance.

Empowering SMP Artists: True Follicle® SMP Guard empowers SMP artists to enhance their artistry without compromise. Unlock the potential for newcomers, achieve exceptional results in record time, and level the playing field while driving accelerated growth for all.

The Story Behind the Creation: Drawing from years of personal industry experience, Anthonye Angelillo observed numerous instances of subpar results and the challenge of maintaining consistent needle depth. This inspired him to craft a groundbreaking solution for achieving remarkable results effortlessly. Introducing True Follicle® SMP Guard—a game-changer for the rapidly expanding SMP industry. Join the movement and redefine your SMP journey today.

*Available for preorder

(Shipping expected in early 2024)

Additional information

Cartidge Size

.18mm Small, .25mm Medium, .30mm Large


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