True Follicle® SMP Needles (20PCS)


Introducing True Follicle™ SMP Needles by Anthonye Angelillo, featuring the world’s first 2rl cartridge for scalp micropigmentation. These needles are meticulously designed to replicate hair follicles with stunning realism. The siamese 2-needle inline design ensures ease of use, while the tight, textured construction precisely replicates each follicle for hyper-realistic results. Developed by Master Anthonye Angelillo, these needles elevate your SMP game with unmatched realism and diversity.

Cartridge Sizes: 

  • 0.18mm Small follicle replication
  • 0.25mm Medium follicle replication
  • 0.30mm Large follicle replication
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 True Follicle ® SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) Needles by Anthonye Angelillo. Patent Pending.

Featuring the World’s first 2rl cartridge – Long Taper, super tight and texturized!!

True Follicle® SMP Needles by Anthonye Angelillo offer unparalleled precision and realism in scalp micropigmentation. These patented needles feature the world’s first 2rl cartridge with a long taper, super tight, and texturized design for exceptional results.

Master Anthonye Angelillo’s extensive research and development have produced hyper-realistic and diverse results that elevate your SMP game.

Key Features:

  • Available in 0.18mm, 0.25mm, and 0.30mm diameters for precise follicle replication.
  • Designed by Anthonye Angelillo, an esteemed international trainer and artist in the SMP industry.
  • Ultra-precise cartridges with a unique stabilization system for scalp micropigmentation treatments.
  • Disposable and individually sterile-packaged for hygiene and safety.
  • Transparent needle guide tube for monitoring pigment levels.
  • Membrane prevents backflow and cross-contamination of ink.
  • Compatible with standard twist-to-fit cartridge tattoo machines.

Each cartridge is sterilized with EO gas and packed individually. The needles come in diameters suitable for replicating small, medium, and large follicles. The innovative design ensures pigment deposition with every hit, delivering unmatched precision and reliability.

For professional use only.

20 cartridges per box.

**For international orders please contact us via email ***

Enhance your SMP practice with True Follicle SMP Needles, crafted by Anthonye Angelillo to redefine scalp micropigmentation standards.


The True Follicle Needles for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) by Anthonye Angellilo offer a range of exceptional benefits that enhance the SMP procedure and provide an unparalleled experience for clients.

With these cutting-edge needles, you can achieve SMP results that surpass expectations, delivering the utmost satisfaction to both practitioners and clients. Take a look at the improved list highlighting the advantages of True Follicle Needles:

  1. Unparalleled Realism: True Follicle Needles excel in creating the most realistic follicle impressions available in the SMP industry. With their precision-engineered design, these needles ensure each impression resembles a genuine hair follicle, providing a remarkably natural-looking result.
  2. Minimized Migration: The advanced technology behind True Follicle Needles significantly reduces pigment migration over time. This means that your SMP results remain intact and consistent, maintaining the desired appearance for an extended period.
  3. Optimal Pigment Deposition: True Follicle Needles are designed to deposit the perfect amount of pigment with each application. This precise control ensures even and accurate pigment distribution, resulting in a flawless SMP outcome.
  4. Customized Follicle Direction: With True Follicle Needles, SMP practitioners can create follicle direction that matches the client’s existing hair pattern or even establish a new follicle direction as desired. This versatility allows for tailored solutions that perfectly suit each client’s unique needs.
  5. Enhanced Length Variation: Depending on the needle technique employed, True Follicle Needles enable easy extension of follicles, allowing for longer stubble that better matches the client’s hair if it’s not entirely shaved. This flexibility ensures a more seamless blend and a highly personalized SMP result.


Needle 1RL


  • A specialized needle for contouring (1RL for slim lines, super sharp).


  • High damage, easy to cause blowouts, or going too deep in the skin if you can’t control your hand.

  • Takes a long time to finish the treatment because the needle is so thin.

  • Hard to use on difficult skin surfaces: large pores, thick oily skin, thin skin.

Needle 3RL

  • For shadow effects and larger contours.


  • Creates thicker dots and a nice drop-shadow effect.

  • Shorter treatment time


  • Larger coverage area than needle 1RL, so it’s not as good for fine, detailed work.

  • Prone to pigment stains/migration over time.

True Follicle 2RL Needle

  • 2 needle in-line design.

  • Has a straight shape, long taper, super tight textured.

  • Creates thicker dots than 1RL and thinner dots than 3RL.

  • Low damage, while depositing the most ink.


  • Faster than 1RL

  • Easy to use on difficult skins:

  1. Thin skin – less damage, good color distribution.

  2. Thick, oily skin – smooth application, good color distribution.

  • The 2 in-line design reduces the amount of damage by minimizing needle depth.

  • Replicates the most realistic hair follicles.

  • The results fade over time without pigment migration or leaving larger dots like the 3RL does.



  • Easier to feel the epidermis’ depth than 1RL but harder to feel the epidermis’ depth than 3RL.

Additional information

Cartidge Size

.18mm Small, .25mm Medium, .30mm Large


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