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3-day Scalp Micropigmentation course

At Micropigmentation Academy, we offer expert-led, in-person classes that include a balance of theoretical and hands-on learning.

Career Opportunities in Scalp Micropigmentation

Looking for a career opportunity that can change your life? Look no further than scalp micropigmentation! At our academy, we teach you everything you need to know to deliver this innovative, non-invasive hair loss treatment, even if you have no prior experience or knowledge.

Our comprehensive courses provide a perfect balance of theoretical and hands-on learning, so you can master the techniques needed to perform this life-changing treatment with confidence. And our expert instructors are always available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed.

With treatments starting around $1,000 and the potential to earn over $200,000 a year, scalp micropigmentation is the perfect career move for anyone looking to build a profitable and rewarding business. So why wait? Sign up today and start transforming lives with scalp micropigmentation!



My scalp micropigmentation technique is completely different from other PMU techniques out there. It looks so realistic that you can’t notice it even with a magnifying glass through the naked eye! Those are the kinds of results that get you booked with clients.

Invest in your passion and turn it into profit!

When you sign up for the Hyper Realism Hybrid online training course you'll not only learn a lucrative & highly requested service in the PMU industry, but you'll get on-going support and mentorship as well as live interaction with instructors.

Anthonye is also the creator of the True Follicle line of needles used for creating this super-hyper-realistic follicle replication. His desire in creating this needle type was to improve the technique and to contribute to the development of diversity, style, and to make hyper-realistic results possible for the art of SMP.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a skill you can learn even if you have no prior experience or knowledge. Our online course will walk you thorough everything from sanitation and color theory to setting up your work station and even how to market your business once it's launched.

With thousands of people suffering from hair loss every year, there's no better time to start learning how to become an expert at scalp micropigmentation.

Many of my students are making 6-figures offering clients the technique I created! Now it’s your turn to do the same!

anthonye angelillo grandmaster SMP

What You Will Learn

During the True Follicle course, you’ll learn the latest techniques and best practices from our expert instructors, as well as how to use the most advanced equipment and products in the industry. From creating the perfect hairline to blending pigments for a natural look, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve stunning, long-lasting results for your clients.

We have specifically added training on two revolutionary tools to this course to help you achieve hyper-realistic results: the True Follicle 2RL Needle and the SMP Guard. These tools are designed to elevate your Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) artistry to new heights and are rapidly gaining recognition among our artists due to their significant benefits.

The True Follicle™ 2RL Needle, featuring the world’s first 2rl cartridge for scalp micropigmentation, is meticulously crafted by Anthonye Angelillo. This needle’s siamese 2-needle inline design ensures ease of use, while its tight, textured construction replicates each hair follicle with stunning realism. By mastering this tool, you’ll be able to deliver unmatched realism and diversity in your SMP procedures, taking your skills to the next level.

Additionally, you’ll learn to use the True Follicle® SMP Guard, a game-changer in the SMP industry. This tool eliminates uncertainties, blowouts, and uneven strokes, providing consistency and precision in every application. The SMP Guard helps cut treatment time in half, allows for faster procedures, and reduces hand fatigue, ensuring each stroke is perfectly executed. These benefits are already earning it rapid recognition and trust among our artists.

Join our True Follicle course and master these innovative tools. Elevate your skills, enhance your results, and become a pioneer in the SMP revolution.

Available Scalp Micropigmentation Course Dates

Transform your skills with expert-led scalp micropigmentation classes that balance theory with hands-on practice, only at Micropigmentation Academy.

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Professional Tools & Products

The training kit you’ll receive includes all the very best products and supplies you’ll need during your Scalp Micropigmentation training course. It also includes enough equipment to cover at least 40 treatments, so you can start working as soon as you leave our Scalp Micropigmenation Training course.

True Follicle ® Needles

To achieve the hyper-realism results we use only the best needles: The True Follicle® line of needles designed by Master Angelillo.

These revolutionary needles are specifically designed to provide the most natural-looking results possible, by mimicking the look of real hair follicles.

Made from the highest quality materials and expertly crafted to deliver precise and consistent results, True Follicle SMP Needles are the perfect choice for any scalp micropigmentation artist looking to take their work to the next level.

At Micropigmentation Academy, we are proud to offer True Follicle SMP Needles as part of our product line. And with our expert instructors on hand to provide guidance and support, you can be confident that you are getting the very best in scalp micropigmentation technology.


true follicle needles

What Will You Learn In Our Scalp Micropigmentation Classes?

During the course, you'll learn the latest techniques and best practices from our expert instructors, as well as how to use the most advanced equipment and products in the industry. From creating the perfect hairline to blending pigments for a natural look, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to create stunning, long-lasting results for your clients.

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SCALP - Student Training Intro Letter
SCALP - Student Training Intro Letter (2)

Qualifications to Become a Certified Micropigmentation Academy Artist

At Micropigmentation Academy we are committed to producing highly skilled and board-certified artists in the field of micropigmentation. Our comprehensive training program sets the standard for excellence, and we take pride in nurturing talent and shaping successful careers in cosmetic tattooing. To become a board-certified artist at our academy, you will need to fulfill the following requirements: 

Our board-certified artists not only receive a prestigious certification from the Micropigmentation Academy, but they also benefit from our continued support and resources throughout their career. We take pride in fostering a community of talented and successful artists who continuously push the boundaries of their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Micropigmentation Academy, we offer some of the most advanced online and in-class scalp micropigmentation training classes in the United States. Our courses are a proven balance of theoretical and hands-on learning, giving students all the skills they need to set up their own scalp micropigmentation studio or incorporate the treatment into an existing practice.

No previous training or knowledge is required and every course is delivered with a low student to instructor ratio to provide the highest possible standard of training. 

Our SMP training courses include:

  • A combination of online learning and face-to-face classes
  • Live treatment demonstrations by our experienced SMP artists
  • Sessions spent practicing your techniques on live models with support and guidance from our trainers
  • Lessons on the importance of facial structure, skin types, skin conditions and scalp preparation
  • Your own state-of-the-art micropigmentation machine and all the equipment you need such as pigments and needles
  • Scalp design and shaping techniques including scalp patterning and how to select the right pigment for your client
  • Pre- and post-procedure advice
  • Health, safety, and sterilization
  • Tips on how to take good photos for client preparation and your portfolio
  • Understanding different types and scales of male and female hair loss
  • Lessons on needle brands, types, preparation, and groupings, and how they can be used to deliver different SMP treatments
  • Tips on pricing and where and how to market your business effectively
  • Ongoing support from your trainer

Scalp Micropigmentation training with Micropigmentation Academy is a 3-day intense, hands-on and theoretical training course for $4,500.

The potential returns you can generate by offering scalp micropigmentation as a stand-alone treatment, or by adding it your clinic’s existing treatment list, are very attractive. The price you can charge depends on the type of treatment that’s required. Artists who have attended the Micropigmentation Academy micropigmentation school charge an average of $1,000 – $1,200 for a transplant scar cover-up. That goes all the way up to around $3,500 for an individual who has very little hair and requires a more extensive treatment. The majority of customers with male pattern baldness who need work on the hairline, top, and side of their scalps typically spend $1,600 – $3,000. 

Treatments usually take around 3 – 4 hours for the first session and 2 – 3 hours for the second session. If you perform just 2 treatments a week at an average treatment cost of $2,000, you could earn $4,000 dollars a week and over $200,000 a year.

Inquire Today

Do you have any questions about our scalp micropigmentation training? Or perhaps you’d like to know more about the Micropigmentation Academy micropigmentation school? Please contact us today and our team will be happy to help you.

Licensing requirements vary by state and town regulations. It’s best to check with the location where you live / work.  In order to receive a Micropigmentation license in Connecticut, you will be required to first complete 2000 hours. We offer apprenticeship options through Micropigmentation Academy to earn those hours. Please call for more information. 

Learn Scalp Micropigmentation in 3 day

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