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Take Control of Your Beauty Career in 2021 with Professional Microblading Training

The cosmetic tattooing industry has been on a constant upswing as refined techniques and new ways to enhance features are introduced. And with an aging population more focused on restoring their youth, there are no signs of it slowing.

According to reports, the global medical aesthetics market is expected to reach $26.53 billion by 2024 – growing at over 12 percent from the $10.12 billion market in 2016.

Microblading demands aren’t just coming from the clients who want the services done, but also from the professional service industry where skilled technicians and artists qualified to perform the procedure is in high demand.

If you’re already in the beauty service industry or always wanted to get into it, but weren’t sure if there would be longevity, now’s the time to make your move!

Investing in your career by taking a microblading training course will quickly provide a return on your investment.

Train with the Best

Choosing a quality academy to learn with is key to starting a successful career in semi-permanent makeup. Training with master instructors who have years of experience and do excellent work themselves will give you the confidence that your work will also be valued by clients.

At Micropgimentation Academy, master artists and instructors Phivi Tran and Anthonye Angellilo keep a low student to teacher ratio. We like to offer the personal, hands-on instruction and after course completion, relationships that support students as their careers take off.

What You Will Learn

When you attend our 2 and 3-day courses we begin with an introduction to the history and basics of microblading and then take our time to ensure you understand sanitation, proper mixing of pigments and color theory. You’re also taught the proper depth of cuts, how to draw accurate brow shapes for different faces shapes and how to properly use the microblading machines. You’re also given an opportunity to work on simulated skin and then a live model. You will receive a pre-filled kit of tools with your course participation.

We also offer marketing tips and help you to grow your clientele, offer advice on consent agreements and teach you how to edit your photos so you can display your work for customers.

If you want to excel in your skills we also offer Fusion Brows training. This is an advanced style that incorporates hair strokes and additional shading for a natural, more defined brow.

The opportunities for growth and greater income with eyebrow tattooing are truly endless!

Kick-start Your Career as a Microblading Artist

Fees for microbladed eyebrows today start between $500 and $900. And with the treatment taking about 2 hours to complete, that means you could earn up to $400 per hour as a Microblading Technician. Even with just one client per day, you can earn up to $14,000 per month.

Want to learn more about our current course offerings or sign-up for an upcoming class? Get in touch today!

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