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Unlocking Brow Expertise: Inside Eyebrow Training Academy

What do you notice first in a person when you see them? 

These are eyes!

It is impossible to ignore eyebrows when talking about eyes. Eyebrows frame and define the overall facial expressions. Have you noticed some people look harsh or innocent based on the shape of their brows only?

However, not all of us are blessed with naturally attractive eyebrow shapes. Hence, many look for effective eyebrow micro shading near me. Microblading Academy offers expert solutions and dedicated eyebrow training. 

Let us know more about brow expertise in detail.

Micro fusion brows- Innovation of eyebrow training academy

Eyebrow microblading and micro shading focus on the semi-permanent treatment of natural eyebrows for gaining depth and quality brows. Micro-fusion brows are the newest addition to this sector that suits different face shapes and sizes.

Eyebrow beauty salon

Fusion brows offer precise brush strokes mimicking the hair blades and pretty shading filling the much-required gap between natural and created eyebrows. Some prefer nanomachine eyebrows for their modern looks. The different types of fusion brows offered by Micropigmentation Academy are:

  • Natural Fusion Brows

First on the list is natural fusion brows offering a full and natural effect on eyebrows. It works on more strokes than shading which is kept light only. It suits people who have one eyebrow thinner than the other and those who have thin eyebrow hairs.

  • Define Fusion Brows

This treatment is suitable for individuals looking for a polished and sharp appearance. It offers full-face makeup and a well-defined makeup look style to clients.

  • Intermediate Fusion Brows

It is the combination of natural and defined fusion brows. It involves the addition of strokes to the half of the eyebrows and then shading the tail for a naturally filled look.

The process inside eyebrow training academy

After knowing about different types of modern brow experiences, you may think about how these are achieved. 

The professionals of the eyebrow training academy firstly use microblading and then add hair strokes to the brow area. The micro shading technique is then used to add shading in between the hairs to cover all empty spaces.

Microblading and Micro shading course by Micropigmentation Academy

Are you looking to balance your brows and gain a defined facial look?

Micropigmentation Academy offers a five-day training course focussed on microblading and microshading. We equip our students to offer life-like hair strokes with a soft powdered appearance for depth.

Not to miss are our master trainer’s micro fusion brows which suit all complexion, colors, and skin types irrespective of people recovering from chemotherapy or scarring.

Every student is eligible for the professional training kit required during the fusion brows training course. You can cover 50+ treatments with this kit including:

  • 2 ink cups
  • 2 level skins (2 & 5)
  • 1 ultra-fine microblading pens
  • 3 pre-printed shapes
  • 1 universal holder
  • 1 black skin
  • 1 tweezers & scissors
  • Blades- 1 18U.16mm blade, 1 18U.18mm blade, and 1 15.16mm
  • Needles- 1 1 RL needle and 1 3RL needle
  • 1 set of eight pigments
  • 1 brow pencil- black and brown
  • 1 brow compass

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