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Where to Get the Best Microblading in Connecticut

In case you haven’t heard about the beauty trend sweeping the industry, microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique that’s shaving huge chunks of time off morning routines and even helping those who have never had hair grow in their brow area to have the natural look of a brow, unlike anything they could ever achieve with a brow pomade or powder.

First a quick overview of the basics.

What is Microblading?

This semi-permanent tattoo technique uses a machine with blades or needles attached and inserts pigment under the skin. While this is similar to a tattoo, it differs because it only deposits pigment into the upper region of the dermis and uses small needles to create fine, realistic hair strokes. Done right, by a master artist, the service uses a careful and intricate technique to draw fine hair-like strokes expertly placed and personalized to match each client’s attributes.

Understanding Different Styles

There are different microblading styles out there. It’s important to know what’s involved with each so you can go to your brow artist with confidence.

Microblading: In its purest form, microblading uses only the creation of hair-like strands on the brow. It is the most natural-looking technique and is very undetectable. Oftentimes this technique is used to help fill in sparse areas and gaps in the natural brows. It is highly recommended that this technique not be done on clients who have very oily skin and big pores around the brows as the pigment can migrate and precise strokes are unable to be achieved.

Microshading / Ombré Brows: Unlike microblading, the microshading technique does not create any hair strokes. Instead, a filled-in, powder look is given. The master artist will work on shading so they fade naturally and don’t look harsh. Lighter in front and getting dark at the tail end of the brow is what makes this natural and beautiful brow possible.

fusion brow

Fusion Brows: This technique merges both the techniques used for microblading and microshading of brows. Together Fusion Brows create a natural yet bold looking brow. You get the best of both worlds – natural looking hair strokes with some shading and ombré effects to add depth and definition to the brow.

Tips for Choosing a Microblading Artist in CT

The following is a non-negotiable checklist you must follow when choosing to have microblading done. We’ve created this list to include some of the tell-tale signs that an artist may not be the professional they say they are so you can save yourself the time and frustration of having a bad microblading experience.

  1. The location where you will have the treatment done should be a clean and sanitary environment. You should never go to have the service done at someone’s house or in their basement.
  2. The artist must have a valid tattooing license. Having this means they have experience working under a licensed and insured academy for a minimum of 2000 hours.
  3. Always check their work. Look at reviews and see pictures of the results for proof.  Be sure that what you are seeing is actually their work and not stolen from a real professional.
  4. Make sure to consult with the artist first. You should always get an idea of their knowledge and abilities before booking an appointment.

Why Choose Us for Eyebrow Tattooing

At Micropigmentation Academy we take pride in being the most trusted place in Connecticut for clients to come have their microblading procedure done. 

Phivi Tran microblading master

Below are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us for microblading in CT:

  • We have decades of experience and fix countless cases of bad work from clients who come to us after having microblading done by others in the area.
  • Our expert techniques offer a pain-free procedure.
  • Check our real 5 stars reviews. These are real clients with real names and pictures of their results. Our clients are also shown in many different brows styles and techniques with proof via pictures, videos on IG live and Facebook. You can always stop in for a look at our work too.
  •  All of our clients see the eyebrow shape they are getting before ever proceeding with the procedure.
  • We use the best pigments so eyebrows will last long and not fade. Maintaining true color and that will not turn red or green which is important.
  • We use only the best-proven products and all disposable tools for the safety of all our clients.
  • We provide the best aftercare instructions and availability for follow-up so clients get the best results and healing experience.
  • We offer hands down the best looking brows that money can buy.

We hope this provided the necessary answers needed for you to find the right Microblading Artist. If you’re interested in a consultation to discuss your treatment options contact us today!

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