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Why Quality Means Everything with Microblading

Microblading is an art form. We don’t just mean that because we’re master instructors in the semi-permanent make-up that’s taken the industry by storm. Just as there are plenty of amazing images out there of completely transformed eyebrows, there are some scary after photos that give a bad rap to the entire industry. It’s our job as educators and as a truly passionate tattoo and make-up artists to ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident with the treatment we provide. To do so, training and education are a must.

As the client, it’s also your job to take responsibility and get to know your microblading provider. Not just anyone can create brows that simulate real-life hair strokes and look great in the overall esthetics of someone’s face. There are techniques and artistry involved and if you want natural, incredible brows. Staying away from cheap, not well-known artists is absolutely important. For your own peace of mind and to save you aggravation and extra costs trying to correct any problems, this is key.

Keep reading to see why we say that quality is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to microblading treatment.

There Should Be No Comparison of Cheap vs. Expensive with this Service

In case you’re just learning about microblading, it’s important to understand that this is similar to a tattoo in the sense that pigment is being implanted under your skin. While “semi-permanent” is used to describe the technique, remember that it can’t be washed or wiped away once it’s done. Working with an artist that has a great repertoire, that’s highly recommended and who has a large portfolio of their work available on-demand can go a long way to keep you from a surprise ending with your microblading treatment. There are so many different things that can go wrong when you go the “cheap” route versus working with a professional microblading artist.

Examples of microblading disasters

Lack of Skill Could Leave You with Unnatural Brows You Have to Pay More to Fix

A botched eyebrow tattoo is, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence. If you don’t fully understand the level of skill required to get those magazine quality brows you might think it makes sense to go to the first person offering brow tattoos close to your location. When the procedure is done, the lines are fuzzy, the ink has bled, and the brows are so bold. You had no intention of looking like this – permanently, and yet here you are. Scrambling to see if you can get someone to correct the mess. Sometimes it’s not fixable so proceed with caution! The thing about rushing to get your brows microbladed or opting for the cheaper route is that you’ll end up paying more in the end. Now a skilled artist has to work to remove the poor job (botched brows, old tattoos for example) before they can even begin to do it correctly.

How to Pick the Right Microbalding Artist

Bottom line is never focus on the price tag. If there’s an artist out there charging significantly less than the industry standard for microbladed eyebrows ($400-$800) take that as a warning sign that the studio may not have the standards required for a professional outcome. A lower price could also mean lower quality products such as the pigments being used. Don’t forget that this is a surgical procedure, so it’s not something you want to cut corners with.

Once you’ve asked to see samples of their work or read their reviews online, if you’re not 100% sure that their work is going to be magnificent, you should seriously reconsider who you book with.

At Micropigmentation Academy it is our goal to ensure that all clients feel confident and happy about their experience before, during and after treatment. We want to restore confidence and improve the quality of your brows, not make you stressed or sad about semi-permanent make-up. Our educational courses help teach new artists the correct techniques necessary to achieve the brows everyone is looking for.

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