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Why You Should Sign-up for FusionBrows Training

In an industry that is constantly shifting to meet client demands, it’s important to continue to learn the latest skills from top instructors in the industry. It’s also the reason you probably landed on this blog. 

Whether you’re new to brow tattooing or want to excel your skills beyond the basic technique of microblading, we’re offering you an inside look into FusionBrows and why this technique is in such high-demand and a great skill to learn. 

Let’s face it, everyone is looking for ways to enhance and improve their looks today. If you’re a brow artist, there’s so much potential to climb the ranks and become highly-sought after in the lucrative semi-permanent makeup business. 

Keep reading to see why you should take a FusionBrows Training course at Micropigmentation Academy.

As an added bonus, we’ll also offer a sneak peek into our training sessions (see video at the end!) 

What are FusionBrows 

First, let’s start with a basic definition of FusionBrows – or as they are also referred to: “combo brows.” In a literal sense, they are the combination of microblading and shading techniques to achieve a natural, but fuller brow result. 

With FusionBrows it’s possible as an artist to take on every type of client. Who doesn’t want to say yes to more business? You are more limited with Microblading as this technique is only great if the client already has existing hair. Our signature FusionBrows technique works for all skin types, colors, and complexions and is a great option for customers who are recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, or have scarring.

What Will You Learn During Our FusionBrows Course 

We’ve developed unique techniques that have been incredibly popular with clients and teach you all about them and how to execute them as an expert in our FusionBrows training courses! This includes Natural, intermediate, and defined FusionBrows. We also teach you micro shading!

During the face-to-face class time, you’ll work directly with our certified trainers and have the opportunity to practice on live models. It’s something that’s so lost in today’s virtual classrooms and training manuals. We know how important it is to feel confident in your new skillset and our classes have a low student-to-trainer ratio to ensure personalized instruction. Our model sessions take place under strict trainer supervision so you can leave ready to start booking!

Reasons to Train with Micropigmentation Academy

Micropigmentation Academy offers an elite training curriculum for permanent makeup artists and has earned a 5-star reputation. Our 5-day training in the fine art of FusionBrows not only provides students with the skills needed to become a highly-paid Semi-Permanent Makeup professional, but students are also given a training kit with all the very best products and supplies needed for the training and enough to cover at least 30+ treatments – so you can start working as soon as you leave! We do more than teach you how to perform FusionBrow treatment, but also provide marketing assistance and on-going support as you grow your business. We also have an accelerated  2-Day training course for FusionBrows that is available for experienced artists. If you have more questions or want to talk to our team about the training courses we offer we’re always here for you!



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