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Microblading Prep: 10 Things to Do Before Your Appointment

If you’ve made the decision to have a microblading treatment done you might be wondering if there are things you should or shouldn’t be doing before you lay down to start the procedure. You’ve come to the right place!

We want you to have the best possible outcome with semi-permanent makeup and keeping these details in mind as you prepare for your appointment will be critical for both a smooth session and a great, lasting outcome.

Here is a list of the 10 most important things you should do BEFORE your microblading appointment.

1. Refrain from Drinking – It’s important to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Do not drink for 2 days prior to your appointment. Also, refrain from having coffee before your session. These substances thin the blood and will cause you to bleed excessively as well as compromise the outcome of the work.

2. Check Restricted Meds Lists –   Blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen and other pain relief meds will also create a situation where you are bleeding excessively and will not allow your appointment to continue successfully. Be sure to check the list of restricted meds well before your appointment.

3. No Tanning – You should stay away from tanning beds or spending too much time in the sun as extreme exposure can create a layer of dead skin that affects the outcome of your brow tattoo and could even lead to irritation.

4. Be Careful with Face Creams – Anything with a Retin A or another AHA skin care product can have an effect on the final outcome of your brows. The lightening, tightening and other agents should be avoided.

5. Skip Your Workout – Don’t work out or sweat too heavily you don’t want to do anything that opens up the pores and causes the pigments to bleed or not take properly.

6. Get Relaxed – You’ll be lying down really still for some time. Dress comfortably and be prepared to relax while your artist works on your brows.

7. Leave your Brows Alone – Don’t wax, tweeze or thread your eyebrows before your microblading appointment. It’s easier for the artist to work off of your natural growth and shape and there will be less skin irritation or other issues as they tattoo.

8. Check Your Health – Any illness, from a bad cold to a blood condition, diabetes, and even pregnancy are to be discussed with the microblading artist prior to booking. You will not be able to secure your appointment with these conditions so be honest upfront.

9. Understand the Procedure – Take some time to learn about the process you will be going through to get your incredible brow outcome (see our aftercare tips) and learn what to expect in the journey. Things like how long your brows heal all depend on whether your skin is oily or dry and how quickly your scabs may fall.

10. Set a Realistic Goal – It’s important to work with your artist on a realistic outcome for your brows. Taking into account how you desire them to look, what’s realistic for your skin type and hair color and whatever other recommendations your artist gives you are all important to get nailed out from before you even lay down to begin the procedure.

At Micropigmentation Academy, our master artists have perfected techniques in microblading and have worked on many different clients throughout the years giving us the expertise to work with different skin types, facial anatomies, and to position the brows properly. If you want the detailed work necessary to have a natural brow outcome, choose our experts. We believe in maintaining high standards of safety and cleanliness and welcome clients to speak to us about their brow desires. Let’s discuss how we can help make them a reality. Get in touch today!

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